Holcomb Realty Holdings is a small, family-owned company that was started to provide affordable homes to first-time homebuyers.  The dream began during the homebuying craze in 2021 when we saw many would-be first time homebuyers left out in the cold due to the pricing of homes.  The personal side of this dream was watching our daughter receive rejection after rejection after rejection on home offers because she was unable to offer additional funds over the list price.  It was then that we decided to create a bridge for the first time homebuyer. When we purchased our first home in 1990, we secured a mortgage for $50,000 for our house.  Our company is looking to serve as a hand-up to those families needing affordable housing. 


How it works:  At Holcomb Realty Holdings we purchase homes through the county tax sale. Much research is completed before the home is targeted for purchase.  We don’t mass purchase houses at tax sales. We make a deliberate and premeditated decision on which house or houses to purchase.  Once the purchase is made, during the redemption period, we engage contractors to outline what is needed for the house to be a solid and quality house for a family.  If the house is not redeemed during the allotted time period allowed by law, upon receipt of the tax deed, we will then hire the general contractor to complete the renovations and repairs needed on the house.  Once completed, we make the determination whether to sell or rent the house.


At Holcomb Realty Holdings, we understand that many families struggle to rent and save money towards a home purchase.  We look to find ways to help families rent a decent home, at an affordable price so that they can purchase a home to pass on to their children.  We aren’t trying to make millions. As Bible-believing Christians, we truly do believe that how we serve our fellow man is how we ultimately serve our Savior.


We currently have two houses in our portfolio and both are located in McMinn County, Tennessee.  We will be expanding our portfolio to Marion County, Indiana.   Come watch us grow!